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Just before Christmas, we built a picture of what services are available for refugees traveling to and across Europe. This was a spin-off from the deployment we were working for NetHope which involved building data about what was happening in targeted

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Volunteers from across the world are sorting through news articles, social media posts and other online sources of information to build a picture of where refugees are and what some of their needs are. The volunteers are from the Standby

We have been activated The deployment starts 1200 UTC Sunday December 6 2015 and will run until 1200 UTC Sunday December 20 2015. NetHope teams are installing WiFi Internet services for refugees. They need information about where refugees are gathering

UPDATE: 1400 UTC Tuesday 27 October Stand down for Afghanistan – Pakistan earthquake October 2015 It is unlikely that SBTF will be activated to support the response to the Badakshan earthquake. The Pakistan government has indicated that it does not

Here is a quick update on where the core team thinks we are at 1400 UTC. initial reports are positive with less damage and lower loss of life than feared there is still a risk of flooding and landslip we are

Hurricane Patricia Hurricane Patricia is a very significant system currently heading for Mexico. It is expected to make landfall later this evening local time (0000 UTC) Getting ready, just in case We are making preparations in case we

This is the first update on the deployment for refugees on the Balkan route. You may have noticed that this update doesn’t come from Ben. As he won’t have reliable internet connection for the next days, I will update you

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Large numbers of people are travelling from the Middle East into and across Europe. Internews is investigating services and information flows for refugees traveling along the Turkey – Balkans – Germany route. Internews has two staff traveling along the route,

MANILA, Philippines – Volunteers from all over the world are once again stepping up to help Filipinos affected by Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit), and many of them are doing it without even stepping foot in the country. Online volunteers from the

Soon after the earthquake struck on April 25, volunteers began monitoring Twitter, Facebook and other social media for reports from Nepal. Some worked to translate them; others posted to maps and Google docs to help guide responders in the stricken

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