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We have been activated The deployment starts 1200 UTC Sunday December 6 2015 and will run until 1200 UTC Sunday December 20 2015. NetHope teams are installing WiFi Internet services for refugees. They need information about where refugees are gathering

During our Nepal deployment, a group of 14 UN Online Volunteers joined us. The experiences of two of them have just been published in the UN Volunteering newsletter. It’s a great article. Thanks to all the UN Volunteers who helped out.

This is the second edition of the 3W report. Published May 2 2015. We also have a low bandwidth version available. Please contact skype:fidget01 to request access.     Please follow and like us:

This is the first edition of the 3W report. Published May 2 2015. We also have a low bandwidth version available. Please follow and like us:

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As many of you will be aware a substantial earthquake struck Nepal at 06:11 UTC today 25 April 2015. This earthquake is expected to have a high humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Well over 100 volunteers from across the globe dedicated their time and skills online over the past month to support the humanitarian response in Vanuatu. One month ago a category 5 storm swept across many of the islands that make

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Activation for Vanuatu starts immediately We have received an activation request from UN-OCHA via the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN). The Core Team believes this meets our activation criteria so we are activating the Standby Task Force immediately. We really need

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That page is over here Please follow and like us:

Disaster responders in the Philippines need your help!   The Standby Task Force is officially deploying in response to a Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) request from UN OCHA to assist with media monitoring and mapping for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), a super typhoon

Kirk Morris, Melissa Elliott, Jeannine Lemaire – SBTF “On Friday, June 1st, USAID’s GeoCenter and Development Credit Authority (DCA) launched the Agency’s first-ever crowdsourcing initiative to pinpoint the location of USAID DCA loan data. Forty people came to USAID’s Innovation

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