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Our deployment is complete

We have produced our final 3W reports. The data has gone to many, many humanitarian organisations and will be used to assist and accelerate the coordination of humanitarian groups on the ground. We have processed an extraordinary range of data

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Update #7 Nepal earthquake deployment

One week on One week ago, at about 09:00 UTC an old friend was at my house having a cup tea when my phone started to go crazy. An earthquake had hit Nepal and, given the magnitude and the location

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Update #6 on our deployment for Nepal

A message we received from a friend   You are living abroad and when natural disaster such as earthquake hits your home, how do you feel? Helpless. That’s right! Helpless, more like you’re hands are tight and unable to help

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Can you or, someone you know, help us verify reports from Nepal?

We are receiving a potentially overwhelming number of urgent requests. While in Nepal  responders have difficulty moving around. There have been occasions where a team has taken a full day to reach an area only to find other responders are

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Update #5 | Nepal earthquake deployment | Extended until May 6

A short, sharp update We have received 424 applications to join the Standby Task Force since the earthquake hit. We (Joyce in fact) have been processing these as quickly as possible. It’s a really incredible number. Thank you so much.

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Update #4 to Nepal earthquake deployment | Extended until May 6

Here are some of the key stats for our work to support Nepal Over 400  people are currently working on the deployment. Round the world. Round the clock. We’ve divided into separate teams working on Urgent Needs, Photo & Image

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We deploy online. Join us.

We’ve been receiving messages from people wanting to find out how they can get to Nepal and provide practical help with the search and rescue tasks. Though we totally understand the urge to help, the very clear official advice is

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Small successes in Nepal

Much of the work of the Standby Task Force is, rightly, in the background supporting the overall response. We collate data and produce maps. We do also get involved in more specific human stories though. Locating trapped children Last night

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Update #3 on Nepal earthquake deployment

This is a bit more of a personal update than we normally send out. For much of today I couldn’t play an active role in the deployment. I was travelling across the UK and though I tried to keep in

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Update #2 on Nepal earthquake deployment

This is an update on the deployment for Nepal and a brief summary of the situation as we understand it on the ground. The situation in Nepal at 1900 UTC April 25 2015 Nepal was hit by the worst earthquake

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