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Who is doing what, where to help refugees in Europe

Just before Christmas, we builtĀ a picture of what services are available for refugees traveling to and across Europe. This was a spin-off from the deployment we were working for NetHope which involved building data about what was happening in targeted

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Small successes in Nepal

Much of the work of the Standby Task Force is, rightly, in the background supporting the overall response. We collate data and produce maps. We do also get involved in more specific human stories though. Locating trapped children Last night

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Crowdsourcing Satellite Imagery Tagging to Support UNHCR in Somalia

[Cross-posted from Patrick Meier’s iRevolution blog] The Standby Volunteer Task Force (SBTF) recently launched a new team called the Satellite Imagery Team. This team has been activated twice within the past few months. The first was to carry out this

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Crowdsourcing Satellite Imagery Analysis for Somalia: Results of Trial Run

Cross-posted on Patrick Meier’s iRevolution blog We’ve just completed our very first trial run of the Standby Task Volunteer Force (SBTF) Satellite Team. As mentioned in this blog post last week, the UN approached us a couple weeks ago to

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Libya Crisis Map: 3rd Situation Report

Taskforce Report: Libya Crisis Map Date: March 8, 2011 (reports at 12pm EST) Summary Over 450 unique reports mapped; no new 3Ws information added since last report The pattern of reports in the past 48-72 hours shows a shift in

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Analysing crisis mapping data

Many humanitarian actors recognize the relevance of information produced by crisis mapping initiatives. One obstacle to effectively utilizing this new data is simply that there is a lot of it. The stream of real-time data produced by crisis mapping initiatives

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