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What have we done. Built a single source of health facility information to provide the fundamental operational dataset for health facilities Members of DHN (including SBTF) also established the Ebola IM/GIS skype group and its associated Coordination Spreadsheet which has

  “This extensive data source only exists because of all the time and skill brought to bear by the SBTF team.” “I think the SBTF has shown the whole GIS/IM community how a distributed online community can really work effectively”

Firstly I want to convey our thanks to each and everyone of you.   Your input to the activation has meant that SBTF have the most comprehensive dataset of health care facilities in the affected countries. The agencies that are

SBTF are so fortunate to have amazing volunteers. Within 1 hour  of announcing the activation we had approx 60 members offer their time, as of now we have 131. Thank you each and every one. If you have not signed

Médecins Sans Frontières UK and The British Red Cross (BRC) have activated the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN), with Standby Task Force (SBTF) as the coordinating body, to support information management during the ongoing Ebola crisis. The request was made through

Today I received this email. Dear Justine, I am delighted to announce that Standby Task Force has successfully reached the shortlist for “Advocate of the Year” at the Women in IT Awards 2015! Our select group of judges will be meeting

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Everyone at the Standby Task Force is thrilled by the overwhelming positive reaction to BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory feature on crisis mapping and humanitarian technology tonight! We are eagerly waiting to share the complete feature once the BBC makes

Patrick Meier and Justine Mackinnon from SBTF are interviewed in a recent programme aired on BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. From their programme description: Dr Kat Arney meets the people trying to change the world one map at a

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We are delighted to announce that applications for membership have now reopened Thank you for your interest in joining Standby Task Force! Please go to the sign-up page to find the application form and to submit your membership application. •

The following individuals are core team of the Standby Task Force. They deal with the overall organization of each project, and are all of them volunteers in this effort. The skills and backgrounds within the team span over wide fields.

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