Update #2 on Vanuatu (second deployment)

This is an update on our current activation to undertake housing damage assessments in Vanuatu.

The situation at 0700 UTC 8 April 2015

The situation hasn’t changed much since the last update. It’s a challenge to get the images out of Vanuatu and converted into the appropriate format. We’re still waiting for the next batch. As soon as we have more images, we’ll let you know.

This really is cutting edge stuff so we know you’ll bear with us through these technical challenges.

We were activated 5 April 2015 at the request of the World Bank and the government of Vanuatu.

The deployment was originally expected to end today, Wednesday, but we now expect it to be extended until Friday 10 April.

Our task is to use the MicroMappers platform to analyse images taken from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

If you haven’t seen it, you might be interested in Patrick Meier’s recent write up of the digital humanitarian response for Vanuatu http://irevolution.net/2015/04/07/digital-jedis-cyclone-pam/

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