Libya Crisis Map: 2nd Situation Report

Taksforce Report: Libya Crisis Map

Date: March 5, 2011 (reports at 9am EST)


  • Over 300 unique reports mapped; detailing nearly 400 different events
  • Two main clusters of reports: largest around Tripoli – Zauara (extending west towards the border with Tunisia); secondone around Bengbazi extending to the border crossing with Egypt at Bardiyah. The background to all maps is the heatmap showing these two clusters.
  • Violence mainly in two locations: (i) in and around Tripoli, extending West to the Border with Tunisia; (ii) in Benghazi, and extending far into the south-west of the country
  • People movement locations mainly across borders at: (i) Ghat Awbari into Algeria; (ii) Saloum and Al Jaghub into Egypt; (iii) Ghadamis into Algeria; (iv) all along the border with Tunisia; (v) Matan as Sarah into Chad; (vi) Al Awaynat into Sudan
  • Health is most reported need. Health services reportedly being provided in all locations reporting health needs except Saloum and Ajdabiya
  • Protection is the next most reported need. Most of these reports relate to issues relating to the personal safety of civilians
  • Food is the third most reported need. Food supplies reportedly being provided in all locations reporting food needs.


Reports on Incidents by Category


Reports on Incidents by Location




















Reports on Needs by Category




Reports on Humanitarian Response from Social Media by Category


Reports on Humanitarian Response from OCHA 3Ws by Category

Health Needs v. Health Services




Food Needs v. Food Services




Other Needs v. Other Supplies




Reports by source

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