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We deploy online. Join us.

We’ve been receiving messages from people wanting to find out how they can get to Nepal and provide practical help with the search and rescue tasks. Though we totally understand the urge to help, the very clear official advice is

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Update #3 on Nepal earthquake deployment

This is a bit more of a personal update than we normally send out. For much of today I couldn’t play an active role in the deployment. I was travelling across the UK and though I tried to keep in

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Update #1 on Nepal earthquake deployment

This is an update on the deployment for Nepal and a brief summary of the situation as we understand it on the ground. The situation in Nepal at 2000 UTC April 25 2015 At 0611 UTC on April 25 a

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News release: Global volunteers prepare the way for international assistance to Nepal

Issued by Standby Task Force 2015 UTC April 25 2015. For immediate use. Just hours after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, a network of humanitarians are working together to support the international response. With significant property damage and hundreds of

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Immediate activation. Earthquake affecting Nepal

A substantial earthquake struck Nepal at 06:11 UTC today (25 April 2015). We are activating as part of the global humanitarian response. Activation started at 1200 UTC 25 April 2015. We have two tasks: task one is to create a

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One month supporting humanitarian agencies in Vanuatu

Well over 100 volunteers from across the globe dedicated their time and skills online over the past month to support the humanitarian response in Vanuatu. One month ago a category 5 storm swept across many of the islands that make

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Update #2 on Vanuatu (second deployment)

This is an update on our current activation to undertake housing damage assessments in Vanuatu. The situation at 0700 UTC 8 April 2015 The situation hasn’t changed much since the last update. It’s a challenge to get the images out

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Online volunteers extend their work to support response in Vanuatu

Volunteer network Standby Task Force will extend its deployment in support of Vanuatu until Sunday 22 March 2015. The deployment has originally been expected to end on Friday 20 March 2015. The Standby Task Force, a network of volunteer “crisis-mappers”

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Online volunteers logon to support humanitarian effort in Vanuatu

Volunteers from across the globe are working online to support the humanitarian response in Vanuatu. Vanuatu was hit by the category 5 storm Pam on Friday 13 March. The Standby Task Force, a network of volunteer “crisis-mappers” has started work

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Standby Task Force Activation announced for Vanuatu / Pam

Activation for Vanuatu starts immediately We have received an activation request from UN-OCHA via the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN). The Core Team believes this meets our activation criteria so we are activating the Standby Task Force immediately. We really need

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