Update #1 on Nepal earthquake deployment

This is an update on the deployment for Nepal and a brief summary of the situation as we understand it on the ground. The situation in Nepal at 2000 UTC April 25 2015 At 0611 UTC on April 25 a

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Immediate activation. Earthquake affecting Nepal

A substantial earthquake struck Nepal at 06:11 UTC today (25 April 2015). We are activating as part of the global humanitarian response. Activation started at 1200 UTC 25 April 2015. We have two tasks: task one is to create a

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One month supporting humanitarian agencies in Vanuatu

Well over 100 volunteers from across the globe dedicated their time and skills online over the past month to support the humanitarian response in Vanuatu. One month ago a category 5 storm swept across many of the islands that make

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Update #4 final push for micromappers for Vanuatu (second deployment)

This is an update on our current activation to undertake housing damage assessments in Vanuatu. The situation at 1700 UTC 10 April 2015 One final push now. Thank you so much for all your hard work so far. You can

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Update #7 on Vanuatu and on our deployment there

Status of our deployment We thought it was time to give you a flavour of the difference you volunteers are making on the ground: Our relevant information has been uploaded to humanitarianresponse.info (the UN-OCHA online repository)  All responders now to

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Activation for Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) -Update

Nearly 13,000 houses were crushed and more than 22,000 damaged on the eastern island of Samar, where Typhoon Hagupit made landfall on Saturday, December 6, 2014 (http://goo.gl/i1Da6C). Monitoring of Typhoon Hagupit and preparing AIDR to collect tweets using defined hashtags

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SBTF Needs You: Rewriting our FAQs, Your Input Needed

It is a great feeling when you are down to those final pieces of a puzzle.  A triumphant buzz runs through you when you understand how something works.  Those moments when the light-bulb shines bright are some of the most satisfying.  We

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The Story of Crisis Mapping

Patrick Meier and Justine Mackinnon from SBTF are interviewed in a recent programme aired on BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. From their programme description: Dr Kat Arney meets the people trying to change the world one map at a

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World Disasters Report 2013: Technology and the Future of Humanitarian Action

The World Disasters Report 2013, just released by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, examines the profound impact of technological innovations on humanitarian action, how humanitarians employ technology in new and creative ways, and what risks and

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Lessons learned from USAID’s first crowdsourced project

[Guest post by Timo Luege – I’m passionate about information, communication and how they can be used to make the world a better place. My two main areas of expertise are: • Communication through digital media • Media relations during

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