We are deploying in support of the Hurricane Irma response

Standby Task Force logo above the UN-OCHA symbol for Hurricane

The Standby Task Force has been activated in support of the United States Coast Guard as Hurricane Irma moves towards Florida in the southern United States of America. You can find out more about Hurricane Irma in this Public Advisory from the USA National Hurricane Center.


Our team of volunteers from across the world will be monitoring social media and other online sources looking for information to assist the search and rescue effort. We will also be collecting reports of damage to property and loss of life. This information will be passed to the US Coast Guard to assist with the search and rescue effort and to improve their understanding of the situation on the ground.


We will be working alongside the the US Coast Guard Academy Corps of Cadets, Humanity Road and the University of Texas.


We currently expect this deployment to last for four days but this may change depending on the situation on the ground.


If you are an existing Standby Task Force volunteer you can join this deployment by visiting the #hurricane-irma channel in our Slack workspace.


If you aren’t a Standby Task Force volunteer, why not you join us? You can sign up here.

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